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Achieve Self Service Analytics, Dat …

Achieve Self Service Analytics, Data Mining and Machine Learning Infrastructure

Posted 23 Nov 2018 By Hessam Motahari

Altis and its partners have come together to help customers overcome the barriers to achieving self-service analytics, data mining and machine learning tools by designing and building a complete solution built on proven reference architecture and with an optimized configuration.


Built on proven reference architectures, Altis D1 Appliance delivers a prepackaged infrastructure for customers’ , advanced analytics, machine learning and data mining requirements. The pre-configured architectural approach ensures a simplified and accelerated deployment with reduced configuration time and streamlined data loading and data center integration. 


The appliance can be up-and-running in just few hours meaning reduced cost of ownership, more business impact, and minimum risk. Additionally, a pre-integrated platform means a more balanced system tuned for optimal performance. 


The reporting and information dissemination layer resembles familiar Microsoft office technologies that empowers business users with minimum technical background, to rapidly gain insight from real-time data with minimum involvement from IT.   


For organizations requiring an integrated data infrastructure incorporating data mining and machine learning capabilities with simple-to-use authoring and data sharing tools, the Altis D1 Appliance offers a powerful and integrated platform The solution includes the following benefits and features:


• A robust data management and data infrastructure that ensures that all data is available for analysis to enable a wider range of end users to access the information they need to make better business decisions.


• An integrated solution that reduces deployment risks by being easy-to-install and manage, and that evolves with the business to minimize the burden on IT.


• Self-service analytics and reporting tools that reduce the volume of adhoc data requests and empower users to make decisions faster and more confidently.


• Easy adaptation to data mining and machine learning capabilities for business users through prebuilt models and algorithms grouped for specific business functions such as credit scoring, financial risk, and marketing


• Scalable with growth of business data and requirements. The platform allows for multiple stacks of D1 Appliance to be stacked with minimum disruption to existing infrastructure. 


• Comprehensive data and analytics toolsets makes D1 Appliance preferred host to third party software vendors such as SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya, Dataflux, Hadoop as well as open source architecture.