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Accelerating Data Driven Performanc …

Integrated multi-layered virtualization infrastructure for enterprise data management, database consolidation, advanced analytics, data mining and machine learning.

Posted 24 Nov 2018 By Hessam Motahari

As data democratization trends in organizations, more business users rely on data to drive business decisions more frequently. Hence there is a growing demand for a pre-packaged data analytics infrastructure that enables simpler acquisition of technology, faster deployment, single point of support, and technical performance optimization for business applications in any vertical.

Organizations face many challenges today, with greater demands being placed on fewer resources. Businesses need to keep IT costs down while ensuring that users have the data and insights they need to make decisions faster to drive optimized performance. 

They need to remain competitive by:


- understanding their customers ahead of competition, 
- reduce operational and financial risks, 
- to attract and retain customers, 
- to grow by expanding into new markets and geographies
- and to drive innovation using data asset


Immediate access to relevant, timely business data to enable better decision-making among non-techy business users is often the most critical factor in creating such a data driven culture in organizations, however many organizations are unable to gain effective time-to-value of their data infrastructure for a number of reasons:


- As organizations grow, data often becomes scattered in disparate places, such as individual spreadsheets, application databases, online transactions, and third-party sources, providing only a fractured and incomplete view of the business. 

- Sophisticated, custom-built dashboard solutions are costly and time-consuming to implement so the technology is often beyond the reach of many organizations. IT departments in mid-size organizations, in particular, may not have extensive experience in data best practices or may lack expertise to prepare and integrate many different data sources from different systems and technologies into a seamless infrastructure. 

- Casual users may be overwhelmed by the difficulty of using unfamiliar tools that don’t leverage the business applications they use every day, causing IT to spend an inordinate amount of time manually processing ad hoc report requests. At the same time, power users with specialized data needs may bypass IT altogether to build their own unsanctioned resources, making it difficult for IT to gain visibility and governance over how these tools and the underlying data are being used.


Organizations looking to survive the new climate need efficient, easily accessible data infrastructure that can overcome these challenges without becoming a burden to IT. For organizations requiring an integrated data infrastructure incorporating data mining and machine learning capabilities with simple-to-use authoring and data sharing tools, the Altis D1 Appliance offers a powerful and integrated platform.