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About Altis

Who We Are

Altis is an established provider of technology consulting and services offering a comprehensive portfolio of offerings in the Middle East. We deliver transformation programs addressing some of the most complex and critical challenges organizations face in today’s economy driven by rapid changes in technology and market landscape.


For example we help our clients;


- Unlock the true value of their information assets to make critical decision at both strategic and operational levels

- Develop customer strategies and programs to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base while maximizing customer lifecycle value.

- Engage with their clients, partners, or citizens through more secure, efficient and creative digital channels and apps.

- Enhance their technical and business teams’ capabilities to have the people with the right skills to deliver their visions.

- Explore different ways of working, such as moving to a shared service model in order to free up valuable resources


Our solutions harness the talents of our consultants alongside those specialists with technical and business process knowledge. Combining those with innovation and best practices from industry leaders ensures that our services deliver maximum business value and minimum risk to our clients throughout the technology lifecycle - from initial assessment and proof of concept through ongoing delivery, knowledge transfer or even capability building practices.