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BI Maturity Test

Maturity Assessment

A successful implementation of an ACC has to take into account the unique characteristics of each environment, working from a high level (organizational view) to a detail level (areas and individuals view). Some examples of areas could include, but not be limited to Risk, Fraud, Marketing, Customers, Sales, Finance, HR, Operations and Products etc. There are many complex factors that need to be considered to build an implementable and value adding BACE roadmap.

The BACE approach provides the process and framework to assess each environment, and categorizes these unique factors and characteristics. The assessment approach will be mainly interview driven, and questionnaires will be assessed with the appropriate stakeholders identified, focusing on; but not limited to the following main organizational dimensions:

  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Maturity and Capabilities
  • Internal Knowledge Processes
  • Human Capital Resources and Skills
  • Organizational Culture