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Middle East Market Entry

Altis sets your footsteps in the Middle East.

The Middle East region is one of the most rewarding and fastest growing technology markets in the world. It is also characterized by some evident challenges such as vast diversity, social and political reforms, as well as those less visible challenges such as fast changing consumer behavior and business culture.In an environment, where information and market transparency is relatively lower than other international markets, making informed decision is one of the key challenges international technology vendors face when entering Middle East and Africa (MEA). Knowing and dealing in multiple cultures and languages, and with different legal and regulatory systems, complex ethnic and business relationships are just a few capabilities a vendor requires in order to achieve and sustain growth in this market.

At Altis, we help our clients develop and execute a sound and secure market entry strategy that will ensure an accelerated and quantifiable business growth year over year. Backed by a professional team of internationally experienced and locally acquainted experts, we help our clients from start-ups to industry leaders establish a foothold in the MEA market.

Through our network of elite partners, spanning the levels of distribution, VARs, retail, and large service providers, we have the active foundation on which we can introduce our clients to MEA market with an immediate platform to launch reducing their time-to-money.

Be it a direct sales or channel development, our clients can also benefit from our Sales and Channel Management services to generate immediate revenue while at the same time reducing or eliminating costly manpower related overheads.

We work with our clients when they are considering making major investments or strategic changes, often in a growth, partnership or acquisition context, such as:


  • Entering a new geographical market
  • Diversifying into new products, services or customer segments
  • Considering acquisitions, joint ventures or partnerships
  • Developing new business ventures
  • Clarifying, formalizing or changing strategic direction