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Security & Risk

Security Lifecycle

At Altis we take your security seriously, this means we create answers that are right for you—not the prescriptive choice that works best for us. Altis Risk and Security team provides design, supply, implementation as well as support and security assessment to a wide variety of organizations across different sectors. Our 'Defense in Depth' approach teamed with best-in-breed technology and highly qualified security team, ensures an end-to-end security solutions meeting the individual risk profile of our clients.

Because our solutions are modular, letting our clients add to it over time, we can do ‘micro’ improvements and enhancements wherever the need arises. These are open solutions, sourced from the best-in-breed proven services and technologies.

Our security solutions are developed in collaboration with our accredited technology partners, and both within and outside the world of information technology and security, ensuring tested technology alignment with business goals and strategy.

We provide choice and flexibility with our combination of technology, consulting, and outsourcing offerings to best meet your needs, whatever those needs may be:

  • Security Technology offerings span the world’s best security vendors with experience in optimizing security technology from installation, support, managed security services, and full outsourcing. 

  • Security Consulting teams are truly world class with experience delivering everything from tactical security projects to complete security transformation programs, and everything in between. 

  • Security Outsourcing division focuses on running your security environment whether we manage part or your entire security environment. We have teams in place to deliver a range of outsourcing services: managed security services, functional outsourcing, and information security management outsourcing.