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Strategy & Performance

Create and scale an integrated enterprise performance management capability.

In business, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Nor can you measure what you can’t describe. This is a problem because for many enterprises, they cannot reinforce the strategy to drive value. In addition, more than 75-percent of market value is generated by intangible assets which traditional financial and accounting metrics simply don’t capture at all.

Traditional performance management systems focus on lagging indicators, current value and tangible assets. Many executives are dissatisfied with this approach, as it does not reinforce strategy or drive the creation of value.

Altis can help create and scale an integrated enterprise performance management capability using a proven methodology. Using the balanced-score card approach, we focus on identifying and sustaining strategic goals and objectives and mapping them to internal activities, intangibles, and people. This methodology tightly aligns all business activities with the corporate strategy.

Our performance management services help clients align their investments and metrics to desired value outcomes. The result is a highly efficient and effective performance management framework that drives bottom-line results, by accessing, integrating, and analyzing a wide range of financial, operational, competitor, and market information.

Our unique library of industry best practices, includes industry templates, objectives, KPIs and measures library, coupled with our consultants expertise, bring value to our clients by improving their ability to:

  • Link metrics to the corporate strategy
  • Allocate resources more effectively
  • Manage capital allocation
  • Easily access timely, high-quality information
  • Plan and forecast future results
  • Make better decisions