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Business Analytics Center of Excellence

Organizations in many global markets are realizing the critical value of effectively managing their enterprise information and applying analytics to turn information into a strategic asset and a competitive advantage Effective enterprise information management and associated analytics requires more than just technology implementation. Every organization deals with competing internal priorities, different business and IT perspectives, and the need to balance its strategic and tactical efforts.

A concerted effort to achieve internal alignment is becoming critically important to realize business value gained from investments in resources, information management technology, and analytics. To achieve this level of organizational maturity, industry-leading organizations are taking a comprehensive and strategic approach by addressing challenges around people and skills, business and information processes, and internal culture through the establishment of Business Analytics Center of Excellence (BACE), which accelerate their internal alignment effort.

Altis has invested a significant amount of effort over the last few years in researching and developing our approach for establishing and evolving BACEs at customer sites. When enterprise BACE are implemented strategically, organizations can realize several benefits including:

  • Business and IT alignment
  • More efficient use of skills and resources
  • Proactive vs. Reactive planning; and
  • The availability and access of timely and accurate information to support the proactive decision making process
  • Optimal return on information used as an asset (monetizing data)

Altis offers an efficient and comprehensive methodology to support its clients in their efforts to establish and evolve BACE. This methodology uses leading practices and focuses on developing the appropriate structure, processes, culture and functions required for the BACE to address the specific business priorities. Our consulting services can also develop the required processes, change management plan, and a roadmap to establish and evolve an enterprise BACE.